Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Birthday's OVER!

Wow what an exhausting week. Wednesday Kaleigh turned 2, then Friday Hannah and Kaleigh had a birhtday party, and then Sunday we had a family party for family! Every other day Kaleigh was opening presents she woke up yesterday and said Taleigh's birthday, (can't say her K's), I had to tell her nope it's all over now!Great grandma left today and my aunt left yesterday so now it's time to get back on track and get back to our day to day routine...boring! We had a great time with all of our family, in fact we only see one part of our family when my grandma is in town, which is so sad seeing as how we all live in the same city. It made me sad to see six of my cousins and uncle for the first time in probably 10 years, some I saw for the first time, and a few I saw three years ago. They lived a very hard life and I hate my aunt and uncle for it, I want to adopt them all and give them a home they will feel safe in but they are 17-32 years old now. How do you neglect your children that bad and how do you just turn your child over to the foster care system telling them you can't care for them any longer?! I was actually amazed they all turned out as decent as they are, two of them have served prison time, and the others have all had their share of run ins with the police, but they are still such good kids, I just can't believe all they have been through! However it was great to meet them all again and I am determined to build a relationship with them I just hope I don't get burned! Overall it was a really fun week with family and friends, and of course I am a bad mom who took no pictures, but my dad & Heather did so there will be plenty of pics soon!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Birthday Mode...

Ok so we are on the countdown til we turn 2!! Anything to take my mind off of this adoption stuff. I am wishing a money tree would appear in my yard so Dave and I could agree on a price to adopt a kid. Isn't that horrible...how much is a kid worth, do you finance them? There are so many questions and no direction. Why don't I just bear and grin it and do it again...well I don't know what is more torturous, going through the adoption process or being pregnant! But this week we are on birthday mode! Kaleigh might just be my only one, and well that means I can give her the world!

Missing Uncle Kevin...

My brother is currently deployed to that crap hole of a place, Iraq. Every night Kaleigh says her prayers she says "thank you for uncle tebin" she cant get the k or the v yet. :) We miss him lots!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kaleigh's growing up :(

Oh how the years go by....
Well it's almost official that I have a 2 year old. Where did the time go? Pretty soon she will hate me and be a teenager, I prefer her now where even when I do get mad at her, 2 seconds later she turns around to give me a squeeze (a hug in Kaleigh's term).

Family Pics

A couple of weeks ago we went out to Reyna's to have family pics taken and these are how some of them turned out. I love them she did such an amazing job!!!

Keeping up with blogging:(

This is difficult to keep up with being a blogger, I don't know if I made the right decision to cross over to the blogging side. We've had an uneventful few weeks other then this whole adoption process might drive me right to the looney bin. Why is it when you have a great home to give a kid who otherwise isn't going to get that, you have to jump through so many hurdles?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Going to the Zoo

Kaleigh's most favorite place is the zoo!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Leaving the hospital and Dave kept telling me to open my eyes wider so they wouldn't look lazy...I don't know if that looks better then lazy eyes:) First Bath at home, not a very happy camper Jake with his new sister! Three days old and already concerned about world peace!

Blast back to the past...

Let's get caught up...
Kaleigh came September 24th, 2006 yes that means I almost have a two year old :( yikes!! There's us leaving for the hospital to go have Kaleigh, I was in so much pain there but my mom insisted on a picture.

Ok so here we are after having her at 7:49pm, I know those lazy eyes kill me. But still feeling like crap right there thought the epideral was going to do me in.

And here is my little boo out of the womb, not happy but she's out!!!

Here we go...

Well here we go, I have finally made the big step in blogging! I figure if I must journal it will be through a blog, and I check everyone else's blog I mise well make one for them to check:)